贰零零玖: CHOIIX Mouse Pad>More details on CHOIIX products featured
earlier. As expected, the second hard drive in the cooling pad is
connected through USB interface for data transfer, nothing out of
ordinary. There are more mice than expected earlier, both wired and
wireless. Some new colour versions of their mouse pad are on display

蟠龙水瓶 Ion nettop
1.5TB 容积的 3.5″
二〇〇九: Chinese Styling Rulez>The Ion nettop and Delux netbook are only
the beginning: there is an ongoing list of Chinese styling products this
year!Look at the box with a china plate in the picture above, it is
called “Nah” and is a product of In Win. It is actually a 1.5TB 3.5″
external HDD enclosure. The HDD case itself is plastic, but the lid is
made of real china!Scroll down to see more Chinese styling products.

365bet娱乐官网,Benefiting from wireline and wireless upgrades。

365bet娱乐官网 1365bet娱乐官网 2新散热垫的体面与背面。<Front
and back side of the new cooling
pad>365bet娱乐官网 3鼠标垫还出新花样的本子。就算新色版未有玩过,可是旧版的一对,个人已经有测验过了,能够参照那么些延续<Mouse
pads with all-new
patterns>365bet娱乐官网 4鼠标包装颇有新意,有线鼠标为Mini接收器,能够接收,为1200dpi。<Some
creative packaging design for their mouse product. The wireless mouse
utilize micro receiver which can be stored inside the mouse, 1200dpi
resolution>365bet娱乐官网 5别的还应该有有线鼠标。<wired
mouse>365bet娱乐官网 6由于是笔电鼠设计,所以尽管把线拉一下,就能够自动卷回去了。线长75公分。老实说,总以为短了一些,纵然在笔电上应用,是十足了。

365bet娱乐官网 7那是一间名称叫奥迪(Audi)嘉的陆上厂家的成品,依公司给的
broucher 的认证,它是「环境保护无电风扇设计的散热垫」。尽管和技嘉的 Roll Pad
XDThis is a product from a PRC company called ADG. It is described in
their brochure as an “environmental-friendly fan-less cooling pad”.
Although it mainly serves the same purpose as the Gigabyte Roll Pad,
but, come on, a bamboo sheet with the analects of Confucius in ancient
characters inscribed upon it? We are looking at a totally different
here!365bet娱乐官网 8一律是奥迪(奥迪)嘉的成品,是其一画上了花的笔电散热垫。民谣?有!品味?呃…Also
from ADG, a cooling pad with flowers painted on it. Look Chinese?
Absolutely! Look good?
Umm…365bet娱乐官网 9橄榄瓶…喇叭!和天球瓶Computer刚好凑一组
= =+Vase…speakers! They would complete a set with the vase
computer.365bet娱乐官网 10国剧Facebook鼠标Mouses
painted with Chinese opera
masks365bet娱乐官网 11小汉子服的身上碟Memory
sticks resembling traditional Chinese
clothing365bet娱乐官网 12

    We continue to view Luxshare (along with Sunway) as the top Buy in
our ChinaA-share coverage. It continues to deliver solid results and a
positive outlook.Long term, it benefits from USB Type-C and
fast-charging upgrades on mobiledevices, which demand high quality
cable/connectors. Some people areconcerned that wireless power charging
(WPC) will likely disrupt Luxshare’score business (connectors/cables).
However, Luxshare will likely benefit. First,wireline and wireless
charging should co-exist for long time (given the gap incharging
efficiency). Second, WPC requires a charging cable/pad (TX) andreceiving
module (RX), for which Luxshare has a high market share.。

<notebook user orientated design, the cable is retractable. The cable
is 75cm in length, a little bit short, but sufficient for notebook

    2Q17beats expectation on strong GPM。

    Luxshare reported 2Q17EPS of RMB0.12(+89% yoy; +26% qoq) on
operatingprofits of RMB450m (+54% yoy; 24% qoq) on sales of TWD 4.4bn
(+65% yoy;


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